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In-house IP VoIP SIP Phone Systems

We can assist you with:


Supply, programming, installation & ongoing support of in-house IP SIP VoIP Phone Systems anywhere in Australia. 

We can also help you with financing your new phone system.

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Benefits of our Forwards compatible NBN phone systems include:

  •  Analysis and recommendation of an optimised carriage system tailored to your needs.
  • On site custom configuration for system & Voice Mail to customer specifications.
  • Implementation & coordination & project management of voice and data services you’re your chosen carriers
  • Licensed telephone technician services at the MDF/IDF and termination points
  • Training on the use of provided equipment. Includes System Administration Training
  • Back to Base Hardware Manufacturers Warrantees apply.
  • Fail Back (backup) service set up for redundancy and DSL outages.
  • Untimed national calls to landlines.
  • Ability to have remote handsets installed in home offices. (ADSL dependent)
  • Softphone connectivity from remote & local locations. Means you can have calls originate from your IP/PBX regardless of where you are in the world. (broadband dependent)
  • Can be remotely maintained and programmed, by the customer or support agents.
  • Direct In dial Numbers supplied & included in the carrier’s cost
  • All handsets have open speaker functionality
  • Individual Voice Mail boxes per extension. Email notification for Voice Mails received. These can be relayed to mobile phones with email facilities.
  • Call routing and custom ring groups per DID (Direct In-dial number supplied.)
  • Generic IP handsets can be used across different IP /PBX systems
  • System could be networked to another similar system in a different location.
  • Easy transportability of whole system to new premises if required.
  • Your own telephone numbers that always stay with you no matter where you move. You can port your existing numbersinto the system
  • Low cost of ownership compared to proprietary PABX phone systems. Customers can program the system themselves without the cost of expensive proprietary technicians. You are in control.
  • Remote Technical Support & Onsite Technical Support
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