Feedback On Discussion Paper -The 30-year electricity strategy

Feedback On Discussion Paper -The 30-year electricity strategy


The following is our feedback to government on the 30 year review of Electricity Strategy


6th December 2013 is the last day for feedback. So go on line now and give your own feedback 


We are constituents of a region (Far North Queensland) that is very much effected by the quality of supply and cost of supply of electricity.


I comment on the paper as outlined in the immediate challenges section of the paper only. I believe the future challenges, will in part, be resolved by taking action now, on the immediate challenges.


Improve competition in retail markets

 It definitely time to deregulate the retail sector NOW. It is unfair that all other regions in Queensland are deregulated and not FNQ. With overall profits of Ergon at 434 Million compared to their target of 315 Million. The argument that it costs more to maintain FNQ infrastructure does not resonate with us, particularly if the deregulation is going to be on the retail side of the equation.

 Strengthen customer protections

We in FNQ definitely have to be protected as are our southern constituents. Again the current situation is not fair nor is it justifiable.

 Improve customer engagement

 Customers can be engaged in electricity conservation by being encouraged by incentive to convert to solar power. The recent reduction in government subsidies from 44c/kw to 8c/kw is a disincentive at a time when we were gaining real momentum to addressing the overloading problem that exists.

 Review electricity rebates and customer assistance

 It’s time for the suppliers (Ergon in the case of FNQ) to subsidise customers alongside government for those customers who implement solar initiatives.

 Reform tariffs to address costs and provide greater customer control

 Wake up! Solar is the way! Make it more attractive for customers to invest in solar technologies.

 Develop a demand management and energy efficiency strategy

 Again solar reduces demand on existing infrastructure bring back government subsidies alongside supplier subsidies to reduce cost to end users. Ergon and other suppliers should be considered Non-Profit organisations. Profits at the moment go straight into consolidated revenue of the State Government. We in FNQ suffer as a result of this. Instead the profits could be redirected into subsidies for solar investment.

 Enable improvements in metering services

Metering services are already in place to allow for solar integration.

Support customer-focused reliability standards

 Reliability has to do with demand on existing infrastructure again solar input into the grid will fix this.

 Improve consultation practices for network extensions

 This must be an ongoing practice to encourage transparency and to stop profit driven propaganda spread by suppliers.

 Improve the operation of the gas market

 Research and development must include this initiative


In conclusion, it has been our wish to have the current Government ACT! And to ACT NOW! To address this inequity and unbalanced approach to energy in this state. It’s time to stop letting the supplier driven propaganda, politically effect, well overdue action on the governments behalf.

Mark Glann

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