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Don’t gamble with your systems security?

Think about your options around systems security when you chose you software application vendor. Will it be Google, Mac or Microsoft? Is it just about antivirus software, or is it more about operating system security and integrity? Many have their views on this but MG Practical Solutions has made its choice, after thorough due diligence, […]

Cloud trips and traps

Whatever the reason for your interest in moving to a cloud solution beware of the pitfalls that may be ahead of you. Your providers cloud server may be based in an overseas country – do you know what the privacy laws are for this country and what they are able to do with your data. […]

Cairns NBN Rollout

There is much information regarding the NBN connections in Cairns. You may also have received correspondence from NBNCo or your phone service provider regarding disconnection of copper services. In most cases, this is not a cause for concern. Be aware that, as a consumer and end user, your dealings are with the retailer of your […]