Telstra Does Not Own Your Phone Numbers – You Do!!


DO NOT believe the story that you will have difficulty transferring your phone numbers to an alternate carrier of your choice. It is true that Telstra owns most of the telephone infrastructure in Australia but that DOES NOT mean that they own your telephone numbers. Do not be hood winked into believing that you will not be able to transfer your numbers to a new carrier of your choice. The government agency responsible for policing the transfer of numbers in Australia is ACMA  (Australian Communications and Media Authority)

There are two Telstra’s  1.Telstra Wholesale &  2.Telstra Retail. Do your own research to find out where does Telstra make most of its profits. I think you will find it is their wholesale business. Hope this has you thinking!

Mark Glann

Mark Glann is the Proprietor of MG Practical Solutions with 30 years’ experience in the IT and Communications industries. Mark offers a Total Solution thereby reducing costs and eliminating the worry of implementing your business IT and communications systems. Contact Mark today