Cloud trips and traps

Whatever the reason for your interest in moving to a cloud solution beware of the pitfalls that may be ahead of you.

  1. Your providers cloud server may be based in an overseas country – do you know what the privacy laws are for this country and what they are able to do with your data.
  2. Your access to your data will be dependent on reliable broadband services. What is your fall-back position if this fails?
  3. What alternative backup of your data do you have aside from the promised and advertised backup of your provider.

Are you aware

  1. You can have your own, in house, cloud server in the form of a NAS (Network Addressed Storage) for very little investment.
  2. Your own cloud data can be accessible from anywhere in the world where you have a broadband connection.
  3. Your in-house cloud device can be backed up to any one of a number of provider based cloud solutions. This can be an encrypted backup for additional security. This alleviates the fear of your in-house cloud device being damaged by fire, flood or storm.

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Mark Glann

Mark Glann is the Proprietor of MG Practical Solutions with 30 years’ experience in the IT and Communications industries. Mark offers a Total Solution thereby reducing costs and eliminating the worry of implementing your business IT and communications systems. Contact Mark today