Cairns NBN Rollout

There is much information regarding the NBN connections in Cairns. You may also have received correspondence from NBNCo or your phone service provider regarding disconnection of copper services. In most cases, this is not a cause for concern.

Be aware that, as a consumer and end user, your dealings are with the retailer of your choice. NBN is a wholesaler and they supply to retailing service providers. You will have very little joy in trying to communicate with NBNCo around your NBN connection.

The following is our recommendation :

  1. Go to the following URL then complete the form provided. You will be advised as to the state of readiness of your building.

  1. If the status for your connection to NBN is not ‘ready to connect’, you will be invited to express interest in a connection. This would be in your best interest.
  2. Sometimes, the NBNCo website will advise you are ready when in fact the building is not ready to connect and only a service level enquiry from your chosen retailer will confirm the correct information.
  3. Things that you can do to facilitate an efficient provisioning of an NBN service are:
    1. Ensure you obtain good advice from a systems integrator as to the positioning of your NTD (network termination device).
    2. Get advice regarding the suitability and speed of your existing data rack equipment.
    3. Have your Systems Integrator check the integrity of your cabling infrastructure.
    4. If your NTD has already been installed by an NBNCo contractor, take note of the identification number on the cover of the devise it and advise your retailing service provider. This will help them provision the service to the correct NTD on their network.

Mark can project manage this for you.

Mark Glann

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